Loewe Vitros Geometry Help please


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I have a Loewe Vitros and very happy with it (have been for last 3 years) - but have a Geometry question.

PAL Geometry is almost perfect - NTSC is not nearly as good.

Am I right in thinking that if the PAL one can be setup to be almost perfect- so can the NTSC one ?

I think Loewe said that basically a lot more time is spent setting up PAL than NTSC for the European market ones.

If this is the case - if I post a photo of a test card could someone advise me which service menu settings I could try tweaking please .. as I've tried (with writing down settings first) - and always seemed to make it worse rather than better !

Also - when tweaking colour using AVIA - always find "reds" far too strong afterwards - can you tweak the "strength" of red individually in the service menu ?


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