Loewe Vitros 6370 ZW - Opinions ?


Matt Hero

Seeing as my first choice of TV - the Sony LS60 is a no go-er because I don't want to trade in my Pioneer DVD player, I'm on to plan B.

I was looking at the Loewe Vitros 6370 ZW in my local John Lewis and checking the Loewe site it appears to meet up with the specifications that I want from my 28" widescreen TV (OK, another RGB scart would be nice but what can you do eh ?). Also at only just over 50KG it is light enough for many 3rd party stands - unlike the Sony which appears to weigh more than a washing machine !

I use Freeview box via TiVo into the component video scart and a chain of RGB devices (Pioneer 545 DVD, Ps2, Dreamcast etc) into the RBG scart of my current TV (an aged Panny).

NTSC / Pal 60 playback quality via RGB is particularly important for me.

So, would someone like to pick holes in my suggested purchase ? Also, if anybody has an owner or has auditioned one, any comments good or bad ?


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