Loewe TVs - Bind AV inputs to Channel No.s?


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I'm sick of having to scroll through all the available inputs to get to the AV input I'm after on my Aconda.

I seem to remember someone saying there was a way to bind the AV inputs to channel numbers so you can go to them directly. I've messed around but cant find a way to do this.

Anyone else done this? If so how do you go about it?


They are usually assigned already at the end of the number range. It is actually depends on the set for example 197 198 199 etc.



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Thanks for the info Igirus.

Unfortunately when I was originally setting up stations on my TV, I deleted all unused entries (I only have 1-5 listed under my station table).

I have since brought back all stations from 10 - 200 to try your suggestion, but unfortunately the AV inputs are not listed. I can only presume they were wiped when I deleted all the unused channels.

Is there any way I can restore them? Or rebind them to these numbers?

Any further help you could give me would be most appreciated.


The following may help:

go to Menu - AV Connections - Connect AV devices
and select the socket which you have something connected.
Loewe perefers AV1 and AV2 for VCR , AV3 ( this is RGB capable)for DVD.

199 AV1, 198 AV2, 197 AV3, 198 front socket, 195 VGA (if there is any)



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What Chassis and software do you have Igirus? (Q2500/H v2.6 here)

I tried what you suggested and can add any connections I want, but none of them have channel numbers listed next to them.

On the station table, and when I scroll through stations with the remote, AV connections are not listed with station numbers.

It looks like the only way I can get to them is by either scrolling through them with up/down keys, using the station table or the 0 key to bring up the AV menu.

If Loewe have taken out this feature with the 2500 chassis, I wonder why? Not being able to go directly to specific AV inputs is a real pain! :mad:

Skid Solo

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Has anybody found a way to move the AV channel numbers for instance move av1 from 199 to channel number 10.

Tony McG

Hi Skid,

I know exactly what you mean and what you want to do because I have tried. I spoke to my dealer and Linn technical bods(importers for Loewe) and the answer was know.

I'm still want to do this so hope someone will find a way!

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