Loewe TVs and iscan HD...?


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I realise that, to a great extent, this is one of those "even if you could, why would you want to?" questions, but this might be an interesting transitional setup for someone, and I figure it never hurts to try and raise the average level of human knowledge. :)

As has been established for some time, some Loewe televisions can be made to produce a 50Hz widescreen picture with a resolution of 1024x576 - perfect for widescreen PAL progressive scan - if driven via their VGA card. Generally it's been felt that the only way to actually get this working is to use an HCPC to produce the image. But suppose you had a device like the iscan HD, which can output VGA at absolutely any resolution - could that be used to drive a Loewe TV in this way? Has anybody tried it?


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Well, yes, I've read that, but it was posted a year ago. :) Wondered if there had been any developments since then.

Dale Adams

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Originally posted by kwangomango

Read the seventh post down.
It appears that unless there is an iScan or equivalent with the configuration settings of Powerstrip then this would not be possible. The Loewe VGA card is extremely fussy about certain picture settings.

It unfortunately appears that HCPC is the only way at the moment.
The iScan HD's scaler has programmable output resolution & timing (for all parameters - sync, front/back porch, etc.) at single pixel increments. Is that not adequate for some reason?

- Dale Adams
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