Loewe or not?



I need some advice here :)

We're in the process of changing our complete system and while looking around my wife came around with the idea of getting a full Loewe system.

The system would be composed around the Loewe 42" Connect Full Hd Media DR+ with the Loewe 5.1 Sound and the Loewe Blu-Ray.

The complete system would be around 7000€ (6200£) and this is causing me to have some doubts as I'm sure that with the same amount I can get some really high end stuff together.

I should be happy to have a lady that is proposing to spend this kind of amount and now I'm getting 2nd toughts :suicide:

Do you think it is a good idea or do you see any alternatives? (maybe Pioneer???)

The main objectives are:
- Full HD TV 42" or 50"
- 5.1 Sound with small good looking speakers
- Blu-Ray
- Mediacenter to stream Music and Video from my NAS
- If possible DVB-C reception on the TV

Preferably the complete set from the same brand.

I'm not in a rush, so I can shop around and do some tests.

Thanks to you all :thumbsup:


Nobody? :(

I just called the Loewe Galleries here in Brussels and both turned me down for a demonstration, they didn't see the use of it.

The vendor just told me to come over and buy it, and if eventually he would spend time in explaining some stuff I would have to buy it in his shop.

Sorry, but this arrogance from vendors, never seen before :eek:


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I wouldn't really recommend Loewe in general. They make some lovely stuff, and some really well thought out systems, but they're not good value for money in the slightest.

I suppose the main question here is how well you want the system to integrate. For example, TVs with decent dlna capabilities are few and far between. The Panasonic V10 would be the obvious step ahead from your PZ70, but that doesn't do audio streaming. Samsung are the best option at the moment (for audio and video), and then it's a case of whether or not any of those sets appeal to you. Of course, beyond that, there's the option of having your media be taken care of by another piece of equipment, especially in the case of audio.

But for that kind of budget you could buy a very serious sub/sat system using something like the Kef 3005s, Dali Fazons, B&W MT30 etc.


Thanks for your input.

I'm aware that for some Loewe isn't all that much value for money but the fact that it's all one brand and fully integrated has a value for me, so I'm willing to pay a lot more just for that.

I had a look at B&W MT-30's with a Denon 3310 amp and Denon 2010 Blu-Ray but it isn't the same level of integration, and for my ears they did sound as good as the Loewe Individual sound. (4000€)
With a kit like that I would still need to get a Pronto on top (1000€), a Tvix (500€), and a HD Tv receiver and recorder (600€), and it will still be all mix and match. That's 6100€ without the TV, that would add another 1500€.
7600€, that's 1000€ less then a Loewe Individual setup or the same as a Loewe Connect setup.

I also had a look at Pioneer, LX-82 + LX90, but nobody seems to sell any more Pioneer TV sets and I'll still need to add an HDTV recoder/receiver.

All of them come close to what Loewe will cost me, counting +/- 1000€ for the integration and design included.

So I guess it will be Loewe then, I couldn't find any true alternatives.
Anyway, I have some time to shop around, this time I'm preparing the walls to hide all cables, so before that is done I won't order anything. (May-June seems to be the goal)

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