Loewe Nemos Review?


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Mar 10, 2002
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Has anybody read the review of the Loewe Nemos? I can't get hold of a copy of "What TV" and I'm interested to see what it has to say about it. I know the review will be coming to their web site soon but it now appears that you have to pay of the most resent reviews on a yearly payment term.

Yep, got it in front of me right now. The Nemos gets a pretty good review with the only criticism being a slight lack of detail when compared to the Panasonic and Philips sets. It says the Loewe has sensational contrast levels (best of the group) and great sound though.

Sorry, just realised it's not 'What TV' I've got, it's 'What HiFi Sound and Vision'. Think they are both part of the same group though.
For what it's worth, Nemos got 5 stars in What Video & TV. Picturewise the set will be identical to the Aventos and Mimo.
Thanks jayss,

I currently have a P+ (9528) and yes it does have sensational pictures most of the time on DVD and some Sky but its that "Max Headroom" feel you get a lot of the time. I'm not sure if your ever seen "Max Headroom" but he used to be a computer generated talk show host many years ago on TV. I have tried out the Loewe Aventos and liked it but the wife didn't like the shape. I remember watching "The battle of Britain" on it one night and was amassed at the clarity, it gave a whole new dimension to the film.
The only problem I have with the Nemos is finding one to look at.


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