Loewe Nemos 32 AN Review.


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The review posted is my opion only and does not reflect the views and thoughts of A.V forums. I am NOT and have never been affeliated with any magazine or critic, Loewe or any television manufactor.

The Loewe Nemos 32 AN.
I took delevery of my sceond Nemos 32 last wednesday.This set and the previous one had both come from T.V and Video direct (an internet company).
Apart from a couple of comunication problems I found their service and helpfullness in this matter very good and would consider using them again in the future.
Now, on to the reason for the delevery of the second Nemos. Out of the box the first set had a number of problems. It had a patch of discolouration in the top left hand corner.It also had quite bad left to right geomatry issues with a noticable bend up and then down from left to right. On further viewing I noticed the dreaded dirty screen effect. This became apparent on light backgrounds and on fast camera pans.I do not know the technical reason for this problem but it manifests it self buy looking like the inside of the screen has dust or water marks on it.Also on further viewing, a distortion of the picture became evedent to the far right and left of the screen and also in the middel. I can only realy describe this as a house of mirrors type effect with the picture being slighty stretched and then compressed.Now you might be thinking that it was because I had the picture set wrong and it was a 4:3 picture sctretched out across a 16:9 screen.This was not the case.The distortion was evedent on all picture modes from all sources. Perhaps the actuall screen glass was distorted? Anyway this was enough evedence to get the tv sent back.
Ok, now on to the replacment.Out of the box two patches of discoluration were evedent. one in the top lefthand corner and one in the bottom lefthand corner. The dreaded dirtyscreen effect is still there. geomatry was still off left to right and the screen distortion is still evendent.
Since wednesday:
Going into the service menue I was able to adjust the geomatry so that it now looks as though there is only a minor bend downwards about 4 fiths across the screen from left to right. Both patches of discolouration have now disapeared. I can only surmise that this is because the tv has had a chance to degause it self a couple of times (the bassey ping type noise when you turn it on).the dirty screen and distortion is still there.
Why have I bothered to try and adjust the tv and not just sent it back?
Well the picture itself is very very good. Out of all the tvs I have had recently It gives what can only be described as the least prosesed picture.Hooked up to a decent dvd player and sky digibox the picture through R.G.B looks great. In fact it is almost as good as the pixel plus type technology or panasonic acuity but with out any of the problems that come with them.I must also mention that both Loewe sets that I have had exibitted no problems with N.T.S.C region 1 dvds and no evedence of the moire effect that has been seen on other makes of Loewe Tvs.
Also, there is minimum picture judder on fast movements. No noticable halo effects around moving or stationary objects . Absolutly no color bleeding what so ever, and last but not least, hardley any noticable smearing or shimmering on any movements.
So in conclusion:
I am going to keep this set for two reasons.
1) Even though the tv has some problems, my only real niggles are the distortion of the screen, which is not noticable all the time and has been on both sets so another exchange will probaly be the same. And The dirty screen effect wich has been on every 100hrz tv I have seen recently. The picture like I have already mentioned is very good. Probably the best I have seen ever! And I have not even used the componet in through scart av3 yet!

2) I just cant be bothered to go through the hassel of sending yet another tv back. I have gone through four already!

Thanks for reading.
I would aprreciate any comments or feed back. And yes I know there are some spelling mistakes and grammer errors, but like the loewe Nemos, nothing is perfect.

Dave. :hiya:

Would be intresseted if anyone has any idears on what might be causing the screen distortion and what might be done about it? :D


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Glad you've decided to live with the little niggles. I was the same when I got my Aconda. There's a very slight bow in the picture and the dirty screen effect is occasionally visible. But I decided to adopt a relaxed attitude and look at the stunning picture rather than fixating on these minor problems. I content myself in the knowledge that the perfect CRT does not exist and that the Loewe is amongst the best. Now I just enjoy the programmes.

Don't know what to make of your distortion effect. Maybe a fiddle with some of the geometry settings might help. When I was tweaking them to eliminate moire patternation, they did some freaky things to the picture. It's a long shot, but you never know.... Keep well away from the V-Slope and H-Offset settings otherwise you might kak yourself when half the picture seems to have disappeared for good ! As always, make sure you have a note of the settings before you change any.

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