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Does anyone (within or outside of the AVforums team) have plans to review the newly announced Loewe Individual Compose 3D led tv? There doesn't seem to be much info out there and I would really like to see the professionals out there write a review to see if it can compete (or outperform) any of the other LED's (or maybe even plasma's) out there.

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I was looking at one of these and was told by a Loewe dealer that it was a Samsung panel. Might be wrong, but don't see the point if that is the case - ? Not unless the electronics have been significantly improved, the new Samsungs are very good looking TV's anyway.


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Yes that is what I heard as well but if I am informed correctly they added specific local dimming techniques and other optimization techniques. The other added values of Loewe are:
- built in hdd for recording (incl 3D content)
- built in media player
- one of the best online/Internet experiences available on a TV at the moment
- Apple Airplay integration
- builtin wifi and rj45
- design (although Samsung isn't that bad either :))


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True they have good features, however you can replicate most of that externally of course. If the screen truely is better than anything else it might justify the huge uplift in price. To me it's purely the upmarket tag ie B&O style image.

I'd be very interested to see a review that just looked at the PQ vs the panel in a Samsung guise. That would be very useful because you could then decide if the features and the style was worth the extra cash.

I decided to get a second hand Kuro and team it with a slave HTPC which gives me everything I need and doesn't rely on features built into the telly itself. In no way as elegant a solution but effective.

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