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Loewe hard disk recorder and Sky One problem

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by jamesb, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. jamesb

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    Recently I've started having trouble with recording tv using Loewe's integrated hard disk recorder.

    I've narrowed it down to Sky One teletext. I'm using analogue cable tv in Ireland but would imagine the teletext pages are the same in the UK.

    The problem begins with the TV clock. The TV uses the time it finds from teletext as the clock.
    If you display the clock in the bottom left of the screen after changing a channel, you notice it update to the time from that channel's teletext page after about 30 seconds.
    For channels without teletext pages, the TV sticks with the time from the last channel you were watching.

    Now.. change the channel to Sky One and display the clock in the bottom left of the screen and wait.. the clock gets updated to something thats not the current time. For example, at 8pm in the evening, the Sky One time says it is around 3am in the morning. :(
    Sky One does not have a teletext service here.. we just have a page 100 which displays 2 lines of text saying to checkout teletext over on Sky News. Nothing else on the page.. no time.. no other numbers where the TV could mistakenly grab a time from. The TV should stick with the time from the previous channel.. just like it does for E4 and a few others without a teletext service.. but something on Sky One teletext is causing the time to change..

    Anyway, if I then start a 30 minute recording on Sky One and then switch over to another channel, the TV time gets updated back to the correct time.. which in the evening is later than the time the Sky One recording is due to end.. and thus my recording is terminated. Arrggh! :(

    This has only started to happen in the past week. I've had no problems recording from Sky One or watching it while recording something else. I have never paid any attention to the time before I started having this problem.. so I don't know if Sky One teletext have only recently introduced a time. Or indeed if it is possible for teletext pages to display a clock in black text!? :)

    Is there anyone else using the DR+ and analogue tv??

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