Loewe DVD players



Anyone got one.

I was looking at the 6122 any detailed specs on it. What discs does it play CD-r, rw, DVD-r +r +RW ?
Yes, I have a 6122DO.

Quote from my user manual ...

"Supported formats ... DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW (Video Mode), DVD+RW, VideoCD 2.0, SCVD, JPEG, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3."

I intend getting a HDD/DVD-R recorder ... but will hang onto the 6122 for normal playback :- OSD & remote control are consistent with Loewe tv ... ideal for the kids.

Absolutely no problems with playback quality. Only quibble is that I have not been able to get multi-region upgrade.
Apparently this can be done quite easily. I was informed by a Loewe dealer.
I've had two Loewe DVD Xemix,and I'm not too impressed with them,the first ones transport gave up after 1 year,took 5 months to sort it out,tried about 5 different transport,each time I was told it was fixed,just to get it home and not read the disc,complained to Loewe in Germany so they told Loewe representitive in Spain to send me a newer Model,used it a little while and it broke down again less than 1 year! Loewe said it couldn't be repaired,I waited another 3 months to be told this!and if i paid 200 Euro they would send me a new model,what a joke.

Build is like a biscuit tin,transport is clunky and noisy,picture is good though like there TV,but service/turnaround/reliabilty are very poor,stick to there TV's only.
They're re-cased Philips players, hence the region hack is the same as Philips.
Even though I would love to have an MR-capable machine, I have too cautious to try any MR hacks since ...

- I have found no specific references to the newer models (6122, 8122) in the online sites I have checked ... The online DVDR MR update hacks I have found (e.g. www.dvdrhelp.com) only list the older Xemix models ... 5106, 9106.

- My dealer believed that the older Xemix models were definitely Philips OEMs, but he was not sure about the newer ones (he had heard that Loewe were establishing closer ties to LG ?). He claimed he was not aware of any hacks for the 6122 or 8122.

- Other online hack sites (e.g. www.dvdreviewer.co.uk) have no references to Loewe.

- SKA.face previously reported a problem applying the Philips "Play 159" hack (http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=102984). This ties in with problems I have seen reported on other sites (25x limit, leaving player locked thereafter).

In short, I think I will wait until I see a report on a successful hack specifically for 6122 or 8122.

Goldfish14 :- I thought your dealer was prepared to give you such a hack ?
warning Be very careful with the Loewe hack;I Finally managed to hack one of my Loewes,but it turned into a Phillips player; everything works.

The second one was ruined!!!! you have been warned!!

Both models are 5006 DD and a DO. Pictures are good and sound,but build quality is dire,along with reliability and cheap flimsy transports. :thumbsdow
I've ordered one today, I'll keep you all posted with the multi-region hack when I get it.
I have tried the hack on my 8122 DD, nothing...

have not yet found one that works.

Anyone does please do tell.

I've bought the 8122 and got a hack of my dealer that works. I've just tried it so can select which region you want. Anyone wanting it mail me and I'll mail instructions over.

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