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I am also interested in the Loewe Concept L26. However I can not find much information on this forum relating to it. If any one has the concept or seen one on display, how does it handle fast movements etc. Furthermore the magazine reviews confuse me, What Hi FI gave the Concept best buy 5 stars in August, however Homecinema Choice, stated that the picture was grainy with HD content. Also if any one knows, what is the panels response time and has anyone played ps2/xbox/gamecube games on the panel.



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Its a budget version of the Loewe Xelos A series which is a budget version of the Xelos SL/Spheros R which is a budget version of the Spheros. There are two generations in their hence some overlap. But I suspect that it is possibly a Sharp GA6E in disguise as Sharp make some of the Loewe budget kit and Loewe make some of Sharps high end kit.


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From what I saw of the Concept 32 it offers very similar performance to the Xelos A32 I recently purchased.

Regarding using an LCD for games I have been playing various systems on my Xelos. Xbox looks really good via component, PS2 looks OK via RGB scart but most surprising has to be the Dreamcast via VGA. It looks awesome! I used to use my DC with a 17" CRT monitor (great for Tate mode stuff) but this is something else altogether. Far better colour and it scales really well.
No problems with blurring or ghosting with any of the above. I have still to test my GC (via S-Video) but I don't forsee any problems.

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