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Loewe Concept 32inch LCD sync problem



I have just purchased a Loewe Concept LCD 32inch television. The picture is superb and the sound it great but they are slightly out of sync when using the built in freeview tuner. BBC1 is bad, so is BBC News 24. It is like watching a badly dubbed foreign film.

I returned the TV to the dealer and in the shop we played it next to 2 other Loeve LCDs, the sound was the same on these Tvs...in other words the sound was in sync with the different TVs but they were all out of sync with the picture! Has anyone noticed this on Loewe LCD TVs before?

I feel that the sync problem is so bad that the TV is unwatchable, the dealer thinks that the sync issue is within tollerance. And considers that as all the Loewe Tvs are the same then there is not a problem.

Also in the shop we played the Concept next to a Sony LCD and there was a noticable time difference in the audio between them....like a slapback echo (100-200ms? possibly). The Sony looked and sounded perfectly in sync on its own.

Is there a problem with all Loewe LCDs in this country? And does anyone have any suggestions?


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Loewe is a very high quality product , it would not have this sort of fault. There is probably a setting in the service menu to alter the sync delay.

if you go to


you can send an email or phone them.

Good luck, I luv my Loewe !


The dealer is looking into this problem and trying to find out if Loewe have a setting that can be adjusted to correct this issue. It in the meantime I now have the TV back and am still watching progammes where the audio is ahead of the picture...BBC 1 is very bad. I am considering buying another freeview box as the source for the Loewe, if Loewe can not find the solution.

I noticed the audio sync problems on all the Loewe LCDs(on the other Concepts and also the more expensive Xelos) in the shop!!!! If you are considering buying a Loewe TV check out to see if you can notice a sync problem with the audio and picture! The dealers' view was that the perceived delay was within the tollerance for this set and that he found it acceptable. I do not.


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I noticed no such problem on the Spheros, but then it was the 26" version with no Freeview tuner, only analogue.
Then again, did see the Individual and Concept at a dealer whilst displaying Neighbours (BBC1) one afternoon, and don't recall seeing any such issue.
Batch problem perhaps?


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within tolerances?
id get your moeny back if they dont fix it. That is absolute rubbish and is clearly a fault. If you are buying a TV it should do whats its meant to, epecially at the prices that they are!!!!

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