Loewe Aventos-Is it all that?


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Like a chum, I went out and bought a What Hi-Fi magazine to see what they were saying about DVD players and TVs these days. You see I'm looking to upgrade my tiny 24" JVC to a 32" (I gather it would be a waste of time going to 28).

Now it was obvious they were syphoning their pythons over the Panny PD30s, so I thought I'd check out the Panny site for dimensions (coz I'm limited to a depth of about 56cm, definitely no more than 60cm). It ain't there. So whilst I'm 'avin' a browse on the net, I'd thought I'd come and see what you guys had to say about the beast.

What can I say. Slagged off? I don't think that's strong enough, but to be fair, with cause. This is one serious TV with one serious hit to the wallet. There's no way I'm putting up with the problems you guys have faced. So on to my dilemma; what 32" 100Hz widescreen to buy...

I've kind of got a budget of up to £800, but if that means that I'm seriously sinking into the depths of viewing hell, instead of ascending to the heights of TV heaven, I'll spend a bit more. I've got a couple of ideas, and do suggest others to look at...

Panasonic TX-32PS12 (but I think this'll get boo'd off stage)

JVC AV-32X37 (got a half 'n' half review, but is it any good in real life?)

Sony KV-32FX68 (some of you have suggested this as a safe Sony)

Philips 32PW9527 (and some of you have announced the dreaded Panny demon hits the factory at Philips with this one, sometimes!?!)

After getting some web quotes for the Panny PS12, and seeing that Techtronics is about 20 miles away from me, I thought 'Yeah, this could be the one.' It looks all right I spose, for a TV; I mean, it's no supermodel or motorbike is it? But I'm not greeted by a mixed audience here: every single Panasonic CRT I've read about here this morning is slated. What the hell's going on?

So bearing in mind I watch Sky most of the time, and then DVD comes closely second, which would be on your shortlist to look at? I've got a Pioneer DV-454 at the moment, but looking to upgrade that as I don't think it'll cut the mustard on a larger screen, but it's terrific on the 'ickle' 24"!

And then I came across this (anyone got a towel. Sorry! It is hot in here though :rolleyes: ) The Loewe AVENTOS 3981ZW, and in Graphite it looks awesome. Now I know my local Sevenoaks can do this, but like, I'll be splashing out close to 4 figures. Is it worth it? I mean, in winter, the box gets a sloggin' like everybody's does; but in summer, we like the outdoors. Does the cost justify the improvements?

Considering that I'm probably not too far away from caining my wallet real hard (new car on the horizon), I need to consider my options carefully. Your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance... ;)


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Oops! I should also add that I've got the full 5.1 caboodle, so I don't need any clever 'I'm surround sound but not really' type stuff going on inside the TV; as in DPL not necessary. As long as dialogue is good and when it plays the occasional tune it doesn't distort, a pair of half decent integral stereo speakers will be plentiful.

Thanks ;)

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