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Loewe Articos

Discussion in 'TVs' started by SiCotty, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. SiCotty


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    Just been to have a look at the Articos this afternoon and first impression was that it’s a very nice set indeed. Picture quality when playing a DVD is amazing with very vivid colour and a nice contrast range. Detail was also amazing. The Articos was sat next to a 40” Aconda and made it look average even though this set it also amazing for its size.

    But the only problem was when any quick movement appeared on the screen it was followed by a trail of big nasty blocks which just spoilt the overall look. This was very noticeable even from a distance. The Disc on view was Waterworld. I asked the salesperson why the picture was so bad and they said it was down to the sharpness of the picture 100Hz processing and no progressive scan. Shrek was playing on the 40” Aconda and was near perfect, we moved this to the Articos and the same thing happened but not as bad as Waterworld. Did not get to play so don’t know if any of the processing was switched on or off.

    Have any Articos owners seen this, I want to buy this set but this puts me off. Had a look at some 36” Sony and Tosh TV’s playing action films on DVD and they looked fine.

    Am I being to picky, any help much appreciated as I am beginning to think I should stay put with my 28” widescreen.


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