Loewe announce OLED TV - bild 7.


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Further info taken from Loewe Friend DE:
The BR was recently at Loewe and produced an article on topics with and around Loewe. Aslan Khabliev was also interviewed about his plans. It is planned to post on Sun, February 16. to be shown in the Frankenschau on BR. Afterwards, the contribution should also be available in the media library. I'm looking forward to it.

The team in Kronach continues to grow. At the end of March / beginning of April there will be 60 employees. Many old hands are still coming on board. Of course, this facilitates the reactivation of many established processes.

It is planned to manufacture the OLEDs in Kronach again from the end of March / beginning of April.

The field service is known to be on the road again and of course some dealers are skeptical, but in the main the response is very happy that Loewe is back and is back with the name, the quality and the products. Audio products will still be shown at the IFA.

There is now also new information about software development. Some "old" engineers are back and further develop the software. OLED production and development will / will continue to take place in Kronach. For example, the Hanover development office will not be reactivated.

The app, which previously ran on mobile devices, is no longer being developed and is no longer being added to the store. A new app is being worked on, which should be launched by the end of the year.

There are currently no plans for the DR + disk. One is currently concentrating on the production and launch of the main products.

That is up to date. Of course, it is still too early for very concrete things.


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thank you.
any suggestions about the settings of the blu-ray player ?
Also look at changing your HDMI cable; I use Syncwire with my Oppo with no issues although I have upgraded to a Belkin Ultra High Speed cable for my Apple 4KTV

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