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I have a Loewe Aconda. When connecting a Sky Digital Digibox(not +) which is the best setting to choose for connection. Is it 1. Sat-Reciever, 2. Set Top Box or 3. Decoder. The Digibox is a Grundig make. I've also noticed that whichever one you choose when selecting "Connect AV Devices" you do not get to choose the signal from the AV port it is connected to although you can select "RGB" on the Digibox settings. I have the digibox connected to AV2 and the TV allows me to choose the signal from AV1(a video) and AV3(a PS2) but skips AV2 in this selection. BTW the signals I am referring to are s-video, VHS, RGB ect. Thanks.


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It makes little difference whether you choose Sat-Reciever, Set Top Box or Decoder as they are just names of equipment and don't affect the signal input in any way.

The reason why you cannot select the signal type as with AV1 and AV3 is because you are connecting the Digibox to AV2 which is permanently set to RGB on the Aconda. It will pass through composite as well but as long as you have your Digibox set to RGB then that is what you'll be getting.


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