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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by yatesd, Aug 27, 2002.

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    Okay well having scanned through all the Loewe threads, I know believe that a Loewe Aconda with a VGA board upgrade would allow me to plug my Arcam DV27 in via teh RGB and have PAL and NTSC Progressive scan.

    Can someone confirm this, or have I misunderstood.

    If this is the case then being in Germany I can probs get a good deal and try it reasonably easy.

    Is the VGA board advertsised on the Loewe site the same as the ISCAN VGA board mentioned in these threads. If anyone can confirm then any of above would be great as can then try and arrange a demo locally to prove it.


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    I'm afraid you have misunderstood - but you're not far off ;).

    The Loewe VGA board is simply a means of connection that allows the bypassing of the TV's internal digital processing circuitry. It does not provide any Progressive Scan capabilities, but will indeed accept a pure progressive signal. The q2500 chassis Aconda is needed in order to accept Pal Progressive as well as NTSC Progressive. However, issues may arise with the resolution and syncing of Pal Progressive via this method. Steve1138 has done some extensive testing of the Loewe Progressive Scan capabilities and the results of this can be found here:


    As you will notice, the lack of proper geometry and aspect ratio switching is the major hurdle in watching DVD's via VGA on the Aconda.

    As you have an Arcam DV27, you do not need an iScan since your DVD Player is Progressive Scan capable. However, as far as I know, the ARCAM does not output RGB HV via VGA which is the input connection method on the Loewe. Your DVD player would need to have a VGA output in order to do a direct connection. The Loewe does not accept Progressive Scan via Standard RGB Scart or AV3 Component Scart. The DV27 outputs Progressive Scan via Component Phono Sockets so you will still need a transcoder to convert the Progressive Component signal to RGB HV via VGA connection.

    All in all, I don't think it's worth it because of the geometry problems.

    Hope this helps :).

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