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Took delivery last week and either the sets faulty or I am:blush: and was hoping you could tell me which (this is on top of the probs in another post).

I cannot save any settings at all. TV always comes on in pal mode and then have to manually change it, even if I save the setiings, next time I change to analogue or turn the tv off, it still comes back on in pan.
Very very blocky picture, and DNM etc do not seem to make any difference, again, try and save picture settings and they sometimes seem to save, but turn tv off then back on and settings have reverted to factory set ones.
Watching Emmerdale last night, (sorry, wife watching Emmerdale last night:blush: )and when the actors moved there hands, there was a definate smearing behind them, like you can select trails on your mouse and no amount of changing picture options cured it.

Can someone let me have there preferred settings for watching tv and for watching footy.
The tv is being exchanged next week anyway due to a 'cracking' that occasionally happens so not too bothered about these other 'features' (Ha, used to own an FQ75, can you tell) but I would like to know if next tv will have them as well.


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Well I haven't an Aconda - but a Vitros - so very similar. I presume you are saving your settings by going to the menu, selecting standard settings then save as personal settings ? With your sometimes saving - sometimes not - if you don't save via the method above then if you switch the TV off via remote (so it goes into standby) the settings are remembered - but if you switch it off completely then it only reverts back to the personal settings not the settings you had it on when you switched it off.

The settings I have, and I am very pleased with (although took a bit of getting used to the sharpness setting)

DNR On (Improves things doesn't add any artefacts or softness)
Sharpness 1
Contrast approx 31
Brightness 25
Colour 28
Tint 5

I use Telewest Cable - attached via RGB to AV-2 - you can get some odd effects such as smearing etc with DMM on - DMI doesn't have this problem but in my opinion makes the picture very soft.

Hope this is of help,

Regards, Mark.

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