Loewe Aconda is dead.Advice needed.


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My Aconda died yesterday,it made a loud twang,then shut down.
It now does nothing,if you try to turn it on it makes a brrrzzzzzz noise,then turns its self off.
I guess its the tube.Is it worth getting it repaired?I will phone around today and get a quote.
If anyone has any thoughts please post away.
On the other hand is this a good excuse to buy a 42" hi-def plasma.As anyone changed from a Loewe Crt to plasma are they happy?


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Hi Gary!

Problem is with the transformer not the tube. I have had a similar problem, but fortunately mine came with a 5 year guarantee so I don't know how much it would be.

I moved from a Aconda to a 37" Panasonic Viera. You are lucky prices have come down so much, I changed in Dec '04 when it was £2k . The pansonic is one of the better plasmas, but if you are a PQ fiend you will notice the Loewe is still better, the colours are better, there are no artefacts. However whilst the difference is noticeable, the pleasure you get from watching a movie on a large screen is brilliant also if you watch HD that will blow you away.

In short I don't regret it, but the Loewe is still a lovely TV.

Hope this helps,


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I had exactly the same problem with my Arcada;it was the transformer which cost £125 in total to replace.The engineer said it was the Loewe weakspot and he had replaced quite a lot.

PS:The engineer said NOT to turn it on,as you risk damage to other components.


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After a few phone calls I got to speak to my local service engineer.He verified what you have both said.He his calling around on tomorrow to fix it,£120 all in.This is a huge relief,I did not need the hassle or out lay of getting a new set.
Shyewei I am a PQ fiend,have you seen that latest Loewe plasma sets they look stunning.Just a bit expensive.
Thanks alot fellas

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