Loewe Aconda 9581XW Any Good?


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Does anyone have any experience of these. I appreciate the model is 5 years or more old but I wonder whether it would still be classed as a high end CRT or did things move on a lot before LCD took over.
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the last and best CRT TV I ever had was a 32 inch Loewe Aconda.

I went through a few TVs before that, trying Sony & Philips, but although these TVs weren't bad, Loewe was just in a different league.

If Loewe hadn't jumped onto the LCD wagon so late I'm sure my LCD would be a Loewe too :eek:)

Good luck!



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Hi - bought a Loewe 32" 9581ZW from eBay last month (99p!!)

Replaced a Thomson 28" 100Hz.

The Loewe picture is stunning - I am using a dvd player outputting component to the AV3 scart on the Loewe and it is superb. Appears to be 480i - though wont accept progressive scan presumably because of the 100Hz processing. SKY box feeding RGB to AV2 scart and the best picture quality I have ever seen.....

If you can find one then go for it - they cost £2100 new I believe !! :thumbsup:


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my typing obviously isn't so good i should have said 9581zw.

99p - wow I was looking at £299 for supposedly new with 2 years warranty


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It was 99p because there was no sound but I didn't need sound anyway.....

Generally regarded as one of the best CRT pictures - there are a couple on eBay at the moment.

I would be reluctant to spend £299 since if it really is new it has been sitting in a box for 5 or 6 years....no doubt.

It is almost impossible to give away large-screen CRT's these days but if you are looking for a 32" CRT then go for a Loewe. There are loads of add-ons (decoders, Dolby sound systems, PC card etc ) and most of the second-hand ones I have seen seem to have lots of extras (mine didn't).


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Loewe A9581ZW

£299 at Empiredirect originally £2099

Loewe X5261ZWG

£299 too, from Empiredirect, originally £799

Tempted to go for the A9581, wonder where these have appeared from.


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Tempted to go for the A9581, wonder where these have appeared from.

They will have been lying about somewhere - although Empiredirect are well-known for not actually having the stock they are trying to sell. The listing says 10 days delivery or so...

Empiredirect were selling these sets at £499 a couple of weeks ago - the credit crunch is certainly biting !!


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The credit crunch has little to do with the demise of CRT TVs.


but the credit crunch possibly explains why this retailer was selling them at £499 a couple of weeks ago and today at £299 (possibly because they didn't sell many).

I think it is called supply and demand........


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I think it's called "dead, voluminous stock".

Noone has been making CRTs and next to nobody has been buying CRTs for, I don't know, 3 years?

So, while you are right that there is more supply than demand, the credit crunch, aged 4 weeks or 4 months maybe, has nothing to do with a much longer standing phenomenon.

On the contrary, I would say that (too much) disposable income led to the demise of CRT, against a, then, extremely inferior technology.


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Acondas were great CRTs - awesome picture quality and great sound.

One thing to not is they weigh c.50 kgs...

I got mine new for £1800 (1998) - however it's gone to the great recycler in the sky, as I got fed up with repairing the bloody thing.

Had 2 x power supplies. Got to the point it became unrepairable - went for a 37" panasonic plasma instead - very happy, though picture not quite as good as the Loewe.

Only buy if you get a good warranty !


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I have a 32 inch one for sale...wil post shortly. Works fine, trouble free, moving to smaller house

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