Loewe Aconda 9381ZW... pricecheck please


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Hi there,

I was a very diligent reader of these forums about 2.5yrs ago, and as a result became the proud owner of a silver-fronted Loewe Aconda 9381ZW in Jan 2002. Since then I've been away from the AV scene somewhat but am now looking to sell this wonderful TV to buy a plasma screen.

My question is... what do you think it is now worth? It is in pristine condition, no scratches, has given me no problems at all since I bought it, but it is now out of warranty. It's currently connected to a Sky box via RGB and a DVD player via S-Video and the picture quality is immaculate. The speakers also work fine, although I never use them.

I also have this stand http://www.soundorganisation.net/Z530BRGE.htm, bought for about £200 at the same time, which holds my centre speaker and my DVD collection. What do you think this would be worth?

If anyone has any desire to buy either of these items then please let me know, preferably by email at stuartperry at yahoo dot co dot uk. I'm located in central London, fyi.

Many thanks for reading!
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