Loewe aconda 9381 - aspect ratio problem



Had this tv for 5 days now after parting with my phillips 32pw9631 and i can't speak highly enough of it..................apart from a very annoying aspect ratio problem.
When i play dvd's the picture keeps switching between 16:9 and cine mode even though i have the dvd player set at 16:9.
However if i set the tv to 16:9 it's fine,the problem only occurs when the tv setting is set to cine and then all hell breaks loose.
Can anybody help please ??
p.s:- I have an s-video connection from my dvd player to scart connection on the tv.No scart on the dvd player.
many thanks in anticipation.


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The following should help
I think in your PICTURE settings menu there is a setting called AMD (auto movie detect).
Switch this to OFF and the problem should disappear.
You will then have to manually select the aspect ratio to suit yourself.


I think Warpaint has come up with your only solution:

1. When watching DVDs you'll have to manually select 16:9 and turn AMD off in order to stop it automatically attempting to select the correct aspect ratio.

2. When watching TV you should turn AMD back on however to take advantage of the features it offers, PALplus etc.

As I mentioned in an earlier post - it is a certain pin on the scart connection that tells the TV to select 16:9 mode when watching DVDs. Unless someone has any other information I think you'll have to put up with this for the time being.


Many thanks.I'll try this out later and hopefully it'll work
It's a small gripe for a tv set that works so well,still can't get over the picture quality,best i've ever seen.

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