Loewe A32 and SL32


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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Loewe A32 and the SL32 other than the HDD.

What I wanted to know was if the underlying panel was the same or if the SL uses an improved one.

Also, does anyone know if/when the Spheros is available. Have searched but only managed to find the 20" at the moment and was more interested in the 32".




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Thanks, thought the panels were probably the same but you can never tell !!

I'll call a couple of places today and see what if there's a reason the Spheros isn't on any UK website.

Can you give me a rough idea of the price to see if I can stretch to it.

Thanks for your help



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Xelos A32 was €2599 at my retailer.

Didn't ask for the spheros, but expect a lot (a lot!) more.. (Double...)


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The xelos A32 is now £1900, the list price has dropped recently - John Lewis are doing them for £1895 with a 5yrs guarantee.

Should the Loewe now be a serious alternative to the other 32inchers?


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I've just taken delivery of the A32 today. I bought it from John Lewis in Edinburgh for £1895 including free delivery and a 5yr warranty.
I demoed a fair few LCD's in various stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh before settling for the Xelos. I actually had almost decided to buy the rather nice looking Concept L32 but the superior sound setup of the Xelos won me over.

My first impressions are very positive. Hooked up my Pioneer 575A via component and the picture quality is stunning. Even better than my previous TV the Loewe Aconda. Still to get a component cable for the Xbox though.

karlak, Loewe ARE a very real alternative to the mainstream brands. It's probably time more punters took a look at the German alternative now that they are making the effort to compete on price.


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Sorry but I don't have a digital camera other than my phone. I know, I'm a Luddite!

The Toshiba was quite cheap for a 32" LCD and had a pretty good picture although I wasn't impressed with the sound. A bit of picture noise and the blacks weren't black enough. Still I would say it was a lot of TV for the money and with discounts from online retailers is probably a bit of a bargain.


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Bought my a32 from www.tvandvideodirect.co.uk (as sponsor of this site) - very competitive price and extremely helpful - they may be able to give you a price for the spheros.

I am very pleased with my a32 and it is very comptetively priced at £1750 + 2 years warranty.


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Cheers for the info, I'll try tvandvideodirect.com and see what they say about the Spheros. Think I may have to have a seat before I ask the price !!

Does anyone know which Sharp models are using the Loewe panels ? Like the Loewe styling but am interested to see if there is a great deal of price difference.



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