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Loewe 26" LCD - which one?

Which Loewe 26"

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I have a choice between a

Loewe Life - Concept L 26


Loewe Xelos A26

They are about the same price - are there major differences which one do you think that I should get? Or is there another Loewe 26" LCD I should be thinking of?

Thanks very much.


I know this is a bit off topic, but my friend has a Loewe Articos 55" DLP - f***king amazing piece of equipment. Loewe are the *****!


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Just thought I'd even up the poll a bit...

Ordered my Xelos 26" from JohnLewis on Saturday - comes this Thursday.

Both nice sets, however in the flesh the concept was too wiiiiiiiide for our liking.

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