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After having a new motherboard our PC keeps locking up.

So far Creative Diagnostics, Creative Media Player are guaranteed to lock it, It locked yesterday on TMPGENC, but encoded after rebooting.

Creative DVDA is fine:thumbsup:

PC uses XP

What are the possible problems please?

The suppliers said Format and reinstal Windows but that sounds rediculous.


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If it was exactly the same motherboard, it could be that the replacement of the cpu heatsink isn't optimal. Did you remove all thermal paste and re-do? I'm not sure how processor intensive these programs are, so i don't know if they could be stressing the CPU much or not. Obviously TMPGenc is pretty intensive, could be why it failed the first time?

However, if you just swapped in a new motherboard, and now the PC keeps locking up, and it uses a different chipset to the old one, then i think you probably would have some of the problems you describe, and i wouldn't hesitate to just do a re-install.


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You should do a complete re install of windows if you change a component as important as the motherboard to a different one. Make sure you installed all the relivent chip set drivers as well as your most recent sound card and graphics drivers. Have you the most recent version of direct x running?
Make sure all your components are seated properly and where applicable that all the proper precautions have been taken (thermal paste etc).
What mobo did you change to and where there any other components added/removed from your old system?


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When I had problems with my Creative Audigy 2 card (the diagnostics kept locking up) it was down to a conflict between the sound card and something on the motherboard. Creative cards tend to like to have their own IRQs with no sharing with other devices. A lot of motherboards have a particular PCI slot which will always assign unique IRQs to any card in it - try that first. The motherboard that was giving me problems was an Abit SR7-8X and it wasn't cured until an update to the BIOS came out and fixed a particular problem with the onboard network adapter.
If it were me I would make sure I've got the latest BIOS and also check to see if there is a PCI slot that will give you a unique IRQ.
Good luck !
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