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Locked subs -removing them (update)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by APPRIA40WR, Jul 28, 2003.



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    This was done with the fab £80 Toshiba 330 http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000094SBX/ The old hack for the Toshiba 2109 (and other players is below).

    This works on all locked subtitle discs including the devil's spawn technology used on TF1 Vidéo, PVB éditions and discs (eg some Dutch) were there is no audio/subtitle options in the menu at all.

    When there's locked subs AND English language:

    Choose English (original version etc) and subs as normal. Then play the disc as normal. Then hit STOP once. Go into SET UP and choose ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Then press SET UP again. Now press the 'T' button (access to go to/chapters/titles etc on many players) and move cursor to the right to the timed boxed (ie 0:0:00). Pop a valid time in there and press PLAY (not enter). And there should now be no subtitles. If you mess things up it would be best to press STOP twice (which resets the disc/player) and start again still remembering to go into SET UP and change the subs to ENGLISH. This seems to have to be done every time.

    When there's locked subs AND English language (but NO menu options for audio/sub):

    Play the disc as normal (eg with English/locked subs as standard -since there's no option). Press STOP. Then SET UP. Go to subtitles and choose NO SUBTITLES. Then press SET UP. press the 'T' key and move cursor to the right to the timed boxed (ie 0:0:00). Pop a valid time in there and press PLAY (not enter). And there should now be no subtitles. Again if you mess things up start afresh as if you've just turned the player on.

    This works everytime so just mess about until you get it right. If anyone finds another way to do this (or if it works straight away on your machine) post here with your make/model number. Ta :)

    Old hack:

    Been messing about with my Toshiba (for years!) trying to remove locked subs
    and I've found a work around for every disc I've tried (French Barton Fink,
    Italian Blood Simple, French The Hit etc).

    Go to the menu as usual and choose the original soundtrack (ie English) with
    the disc country's subtitles (which are locked on many discs).

    Press play then stop after a few seconds. The normal problem with removing
    locked subs is you can't get into the 'set up' menu (not a problem on my
    Samsung 709 -removes subs no problem) without pressing stop (or pressing
    stop twice on many players -which then resets the disc to locked subs).

    Anyway, press stop (after play/enter) and then change the subtitles to
    'French Off' or 'Italian Off' etc. When you normally hit play the disc would
    bypass that setting and go back to locked subs -but instead of pressing play
    (after changing the subs to 'off') go to the title/chapter/go-to time menu
    (it's the 'T' button in the bottom right-hand corner of my remote) and and
    press it once (no more presses) then press play as normal -and no more subs!

    It's worked with over 15 discs with no problem. The only problem was with my
    Italian Blood & Wine -easily fixed though. Again choose the English track
    (with Italian [locked] subs) then hit play/enter then stop after a few
    seconds. I then presssed the 'T' (title/chapter/go-to time menu) button
    until the goto time section comes up (that's 3 presses on my Toshiba) and
    enter a valid time (eg 1:11:11 (one hour,eleven minutes and eleven seconds)
    and then press play (the film then goes to that time -just go back to the
    start using the chapter/search button as normal) -again the subs don't

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