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Hi all

Windows 10, Fully updated, virus/malware scanned etc

Strange issue, I used to previously lock the PC (Ctrl, Alt Del) and you would get the lock screen for about a minute or so. Then it would switch off the monitors, into standby – great!

You would then move the mouse, or press “any key” to wake the pc back up again and log in using a password –

However, I cannot pin point when this changed but now it will basically will go into “sleep” as expected, but immediately “wake back up” again and just cycle through sleep, wake, sleep, repeat.

I have a wireless mouse, so I switched it off thinking this may be it, and waited for it to “sleep” but it just did the same.

I have not tried doing the same with the keyboard yet.. but is there something else it could be?

Kind Regards


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Many hardware devices and systems have the ability to wake the computer from standby, so you've got a wide selection to choose from.

Have a look in event viewer to see what it is that keeps waking the system, I think they show up in the windows system log.


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You can use the command prompt:
powercfg /lastwake
to find out which process are waking the system.

Powercfg /? also lists all the other possible switches, some of which you might find useful


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Hi Sorry for the delay in replying
Thank you I have done as above. but don't really know what I am looking at. Would it be ok to post screen shots of the Event Viewer here?
I have posted a screenshot of command prompt



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Hi Sorry for the delay ... but I managed to resolve the problem and would like to share my findings in case helps someone else.

Basically I bought a Bluetooth dongle so I could use my Bluetooth headphones, but that solution was rubbish as the audio kept dropping out, I got better results, connected wired to my amp.

Anyway that was the last change I did to my PC, so tested by stopping the running service, and locking the PC and hey presto it no longer kept trying to wake the PC up moments after it went to "sleep" on the lock screen.

So I uninstalled the Bluetooth software, and now the lock screen shuts the monitors off, and does not try to keep waking them up again...it works as expected.

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