Loan Panny PJ.....Does this sound weird?


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Booked my pj in for repair before christmas and arranged for them to give me a free loan PJ while it was in.

The company that deals with their loans picked it up the other day and left me the loaner. The loan unit is a Jan 2003 model with a couple of hundred hours on the clock. Nice Unit! perfect picture, no dead pixels.

Today I get a phone call from the loan company asking for the serial number so they can update their records with panasonic. Give them it, presume all's fine.

Then I get a phone call about an hour latter from them saying that panasonic told them there is a fault with the unit and they will need to change it for a different one. I say there isn't a fault with it and get told they are just doing what panasonic has told them to do. So they are coming next week to change it for a different loaner????

Something doesn't seem right here but I'm not sure what :confused:

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to end up with a tatty old pj with dead pixels :(


Demand to see the Pj before you exchange it, same sort of thing happened to me years with a TV, they tried to swap the loan one with one with the push knobs on it for channel selection, after picking myself up from the floor laughing i told them to come back with a model like the one i gave back.............................

If you ask me they are trying to get it back for a customer whom is giving them grief probably


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Sounds to me like they have sent a customers unit to you by mistake:eek:



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Yeah, I'm deffinately going to make sure the one they subsititute it for is alright before I give it back to them.

I think your right about it being a customers adrenochrome. Thats the first thing I thought when I got off the phone from them this morning. Someones not going to be happy about an extra 100 hours use on their Pj! If they were honest and said it was a customers I wouldn't use it between now and when it gets collected.

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