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How easy is it (using a partition) to load MAC OS onto my current PC (XP)?

I want to try MAC OS, but do not want to shell out for a MAC itself for the privelige.

If this has been answered before, please let me know which thread.

cheers //miceri


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You can't is the simple answer. Mac OS X is only licensed and available on Mac's.

There is an osx86 project to get it running illegally on desktop PC's but unless you want to spend hours fudging it without drivers etc it ain't worth it.

Besides, part of the beauty of Mac OS X is how well it integrates with the hardware. I bought a Mac Mini 18 months ago to test the waters and sold it 12 months later to get an iMac. Ended up getting £50 more for the Mini than what I paid for it :)


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Check out http://forum.insanelymac.com if you are interested.

It requires some fiddling, some hardware will just not work no matter what you do.........but if you do get it up and running 100% it can be a great achievement and ideal for running iTunes :devil:

I actually dual-boot my PC solely to run iTunes on OSX - it blows on Windows.

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