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After recent posting, I have now upgraded to an ATI Radeon 9600 card, The LNB that was fitted appears to be faulty so I have the engineer returning next week.

Can someone recommend a quality LNB that will give me the full range of channels on both the ASTRA and Hotbird Satellites( I will purchase 2 of them) The dish will be aligned on Hotbird with Astra being the secondary feed, Do people recommend this as I also want to get a strong signal from Euro 1080.

Any (more) advice appreciated, I have a Skystar 2 card with a full version of DVB Viewer2, I think I will also need a switch that will work with the Skystar.


Chris Muriel

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2 MTI Bluecaps should be fine.
Don't waste extra dosh on Genesis, Invacom etc.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Thanks, I was not sure if I would need to spend extra in order to get a strong signal, being up north.....

I had actually found that the original LNB still worked, but it is not Universal, even then DVB Viewer was reporting some channels at 80% signal strength

Thanks again

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