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Question LMS on an old Laptop

the groundsman

Active Member
I currently run Logitech Media Server on an ancient Laptop. It's actually a netbook with a 32 bit processor with Windows 10 as the operating system. It is pretty much unusable for anything else as it takes minutes to open any application. LMS seems to run without a problem mostly.

I've been thinking for a longtime that I could install a linux distro on there instead so it would be a bit more efficient, rather than having the sophistication of Win10. In effect I am thing of making it a dedicated music streamer. My music files are on there too around 30,000 tracks in a variety of formats and bit rates. Mostly I am listening to Spotty these days but there are a few things I own that Spotify doesn't have, so the files are not totally redundant.

My issue is my Linux knowledge is very scant and despite a few efforts with Mint, Ubuntu and Lubuntu I've always found it too challenging to learn. The installation guides call for perl installs, and folder creation that assumes some knowledge I don't have. From what i have heard if i had a Rasperry Pi I could install Hifiberry and LMS would come bundled already with the OS.

Sorry for this rambling background. To cut to the questions

1. Is there a distro with LMS already bundled that would work on a 32 bit PC I could try?
2. Is there a very simple step by step guide on how to get LMS working on a particular distribution


Well-known Member
I understood one word in ten in the above (my ignorance, not your post I hasten to add) but I’d suggest going the Raspberry Pi route. I use max2play with an RPi3 (RPi4 8GB on order right now though) to run LMS and for an ignorant pleb like myself, it’s a doodle to setup, run and update.

the groundsman

Active Member
Thanks. I'm really too tight to shell out more cash so it's definitely a case of making the best of my existing hardware and free software.


Distinguished Member
Vortexbox doesn't require much in the way of resources so will run well on old low power machines with 2GB RAM - it just works.

the groundsman

Active Member
A quick update on my experience just in case there is a remote possibility someone is similarly tempted by the Daphile option.

Daphile was easy enough to install with fairly clear instructions . It creates 2 partitions installing on 1GB and leaving the rest of the storage for your music files. The User interface is neat and clear as well. I was up and running with local files quickly enough. The issues I encountered were with the plugins for LMS. Spotty worked OK but the show stopper for me were the Chromecast and Airplay bridge plugins. I could not get LMS to generate a config file. This didn't happen automatically on refresh and there was no button to force the generation of the file as there is in the regular LMS version. I tried to access the settings directly using the LMS web control panel and via Daphile but no luck.

So I then gave up and reinstalled Win10.


Well-known Member
Thanks for the follow up.

You should have been able to get philippe_44's 'Bridge plugins to at least create their config files under Daphile - there's plenty of anecdotal evidence posted on the slimdevices forums with them able to do so, eg:
Announce: CastBridge = integrate Chromecast players with LMS (squeeze2cast) - Page 156
Announce: UPnPBridge = integrate UPnP/DLNA players with LMS (squeeze2upnp) - Page 270

The only time I've noticed the Generate button missing is on a non-Windows machine when you first install the plugin and you have yet to select the squeeze2cast helper application binary.

Did you actually select the binary?


The Select Binary option is missing & unnecessary in the Windows version as it must always use the squeeze2cast-win.exe helper application.
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the groundsman

Active Member
Oh OK- thanks.

I did see that field ( I can't recall now what the options were ) but as I had no clue about what they did or the right value to select I didn't select anything Clearly that's where I went wrong.

Shame - so near to success yet so far:) It took the best part of a day to reinstall Windows and reinstate LMS and my music library so I'll probably leave it now for a bit. I might have another go in the long winter months.

Really appreciate your help.


Distinguished Member
Pick up another hard disk from the Classifieds to play with rather than wipe Windows. Should cost next to nothing. 120Gb SSDs only go for around a tenner.

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