LMP or Accent HCPC case?


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Hi all,

I'm in a bit of a quandary over which HCPC case to but from the above two. I want a case that will take a normal ATX motherboard and also a VFD and IRman.

I noticed on the LMP site that all of the cases have "sold out" next to them, don't know what that's all about. I've sent them an email but haven't heard anything back as of yet.

Any thoughts/idea's you guy's have would be very welcome.


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When I asked Andy about the sold out he told me it was because he wasn't doing them as he hadn't sold many and the effort to reward ratio was low. He had a few left at that time, dunno if that's still the case. It's a shame as it's a fantastic product , deserved to sell by the bucketload.



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Yeah it's a shame really as like you said it's a nice case.

I've actually made my mind up now and gone for the Accent case. Nothing to do with them discontinuing LMP one. Just that I thought the front panel Firewire and USB ports may come in handy, also not having to use a slot load DVD drive.

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