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LMAO! The poor bloke!


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:rotfl: :rotfl:


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What in gods name would possess someone to think:
"That goats a bit of all right, i'll 'av some of that"

None so strange as folk.


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Don't know what the fuss is :confused: Happens up here in Grimsby all the time.


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Anothr case of the nanny state intervening.

I remember a similar case in the North east a few years ago - man and a donkey. Honest...
I thought at the time by being caught the guy made a complete ass of himself.


Solomon Grundy

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Actually a guy did get prosecuted up here a bit back because he thought he was in a secluded spot with a goat...until a train full of commuters had to stop for a red light right next to him...the police switchboard overloaded with calls reporting him but the bloke apparently just pushed the goat behind a hedge and carried on.

I think it turned out he had a mental illness when they caught him...

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