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I am thinking about upgrading our setup in our living room. Currently have TV over mantle with soundbar and sub is on floor near there. Cable box, dvd player is in cabinet next to this. So many options out there im not sure where to start, so hoping you guys can point me in right direction. Here is what i would like to do.
  • Room is about 20ft by 15feet. Here is rough layout of room.
    • current.png
  • Would like to add the following
    • Add AV reciever
      • Inputs would be cablebox, dvd player, and we have chromecast (not sure if that could connect into that instead of tv)
      • Would be nice if chromecast was directly to reciever since we could use google home to play music over it easier. If there is better way to do this im game though.
      • Output would be HDMI to tv and audio to new speakers
    • Add speakers to ceiling or on wall near ceiling
      • I dont mind running cable. Have easy access in attic to this area
      • Was thinking maybe 4 ceiling speakers plus a soundbar but am open to options.
      • Dont want anything too big or obvious (no large tower speakers or anything like that)
      • Current soundbar is average one and works fine but need to be sitting right in front of it for best sound.
    • TV stays. i forget actual size of it but its great size and 4k.
    • Would like simple control of system from one remote. We have old harmony remote we use now but still can be a pain sometime if one of the devices doesnt get signal or something.
    • Budget would be ~$1000 max
Would appreciate any help picking out right equipment to make this work. Thanks!

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