Living room setup


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Recently moved house and revamped the living room setup. I don't have the space for a huge home cinema setup with just having a daughter born last week but I have made the most of it so far.

Samsung 65Q7FN
Samsung MS650 soundbar with swa-9000s rear wireless speakers.

Nvidia shield (used mainly for Plex 4k remux)
PS4 Pro & VR
Xbox One X
Nintendo switch



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Looking good that.

Get ready for finger prints all over that expensive tv in the next 8-10months when she starts to get on her feet! Mine was absolutely plastered in finger marks last week, just didn’t have time to clean the screen for ages, finally done it last week, see how long it stays clean now!:laugh:

I see your tv is abit higher than mine, but she will still climb onto that stand to get to the tv if your not careful!


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Nice setup buddy - thanks for sharing.
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