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I'm after some advice. Refurbing the lounge, and looking for a tidier 5.1 speaker setup. At the moment all my AV sits on unit in the bay with the front tower speakers either side.

However, I am intending on building an AV cupboard in the right-hand alcove next to the chimney breast. The TV will be wall mounted on a swivel bracket in that alcove, and I guess the center speaker can go on top of the AV cabinet.

BUT, where to put the front tower speakers? The main sitting position is going to be opposite the fireplace. The Left speaker could go in the left alcove, but where should the the right one go? At best it could go on the left hand edge of the bay but this would look poor as they are taller than the bay wall height. Also it wouldnt be very far away from center speaker.

Rears are easy as they can be wall mounted in the corners.

Alternatively I could replace the speakers for something smaller, I suppose. I have Acoustic Energy Aegis Neo Three's (front+center).


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I wouldn't put the TV anywhere other than in the centre of a wall - or in the centre of the window bay as it presumably is now.


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Unfortunately due to the size of the room, I haven't got many options. You're right the TV is/was in the bay, but we really want to keep that clear. I've got a logburner going in the chimney breast and I'm not a fan on putting the TV above that, again due to the size of the room; I can't sit far enough away from it to not be looking upwards to watch it!

Best thing I can come up with so far, is to get some smaller towers and have the right one below the window line in the bay, and the left one in the left alcove.


Is there a problem with the wall opposite the window?

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