Living room instalation - chased cables. Never again!


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Well, after researching on here for how to, what to consider etc, I got cracking with the installation of the TV and Bose Acoustimass 15 in our new lounge. It was hard work, but the toughest part was the filling and finishing. I was not confident with plaster, and so used a variety of pollyfilla products, each with varying success. My recommendation to anyone else would be to try mixing plaster as it is cheaper and I have been told it is easier to work with and sand.

Cabling is in place with pvc capping. Its never coming out. Despite only needing 1 HDMI for now I have provided a level of future proofing by running the following to behind the TV:

1 x Cat5e cable
2 x HDMI
1 x 5m USB extension
1 x wii extension

After all said and done, I am very happy with the work.

Anyway, here are some photos of the work (apologies for the iPhone quality - was concentrating more on getting the work done than a photo gallery!).

Many thanks to my brother and dad for their help. My brother did most of the sanding and I think he is still coughing up dust!

How it was before I got my hands on it:

Drawn on markings to get an idea of how things would look (ended up lowering the TV bracket about 6" as it was high when the TV was test mounted on the wall):

Starting the channels - SDS drill:

Front chasing complete:

Front chasing initial fill - filed with Polyfilla deep crack filler 2 hour dry time. It was crap to work with and a nightmare to sand:

Rear chases - filled with Pollyfilla Plaster Repair 24 hour dry time. Easy to work with but long drying time.

Front with 2nd layer of filler - Polyfilla multipurpose. Easier to work with. Followed this with a final Polyfilla plaster repair brush on and smooth product which was great.

Test coat of random paint to check for any imperfections on the wall - at this point there were a couple as the wall was to be papered anyway, so did not need to be 100%


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Did some final tidy up filling and sanding, and got a coat of paint on as we want it liveable by xmas. Thought was to paper in the new year, but we actually like the painted wall so it is staying for now.



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Looks great :smashin: but i bet one day you will need to change or reroute your cables :rolleyes:, i've hidden mine in the past with the old 'never again' thought, but it has never worked out that way for me :rolleyes:.

I was always told to go for a cheap chalky powdery filler as it's easier to sand (still mega dusty though).
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Good work mate, but your TV is way to high for my liking. From the pics the top of its higher than the top of the door.


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It is quite high. But we lowered it 6" from the initial position. I wanted it to be clear of the fire. It's actually a nice height for lazing on the sofa. I got used to it quick enough. Sofa is about 4m away from the screen.


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Loving the clear use of zones for cables, must be like playing minefield when putting a picture up.


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There is nowhere to put a picture that would be near cables. Speakers are the widest points.


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AV rack was from Richersounds. Decent looking rack (fnar fnar) but could be done with an extra shelf - the shelf that the AV receiver is on is too deep for what I need. Good price though - think it was about £70 when I got it last year.

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