Living Room Home Theater setup


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Hi everyone, this is my first post

I want to set up a HT in my living room

Dimensions are 17 foot length x 18 foot width

I am planning to buy (prices in INR)

- TV - Panasonic 42 inch ET5 series (TH-L42ET5D) ~ 70k (Passive 3D) ~ 1250$

- Onkyo HT - S5400 7.1 Home theater system ~ 50k ~ 900$

- Sony PS3 play bundle ~ 18k ~ 320$

- Logitech harmony 700 Universal remote ~ 6k or 110$ OR Harmony 525 ~ 3k or 55$

I like passive 3d, also panasonic has built in wifi, smart features, not available in other tvs for same price

Onkyo fits the bill for 7.1 as other mix and match setup are very costly (I want to setup everything once and I want 7.1)

Logitech 700 has 6 devices support and good database and learnin too, can control ps3 vis HDMI CEC (confirmed), but 525 though older supports 10 devices.

Other components required are HDMI cable

Also onkyo supplied speaker cable is too short for surround back speakers

My queries are:

1. Which gauge to get - 14 / 16 / 18 / 20?

2. Will it void warranty if I use other cables with Onkyo HT?

3. Should I replace all cables from onkyo Or just surround back?

4. Should I get cable for subwoofer too? I ask this because I have doubt that if I use different cables for each speaker the performance will be affected.

5. Onkyo specifications does not show 24p support, dont know whether its going to be a problem

6. Will Onkyo play apple lossless from ipod? Will PS3 play back apple lossless ripped by Itunes?

7. Is Logitech Harmony 525 supporting 10 devices is better option than Harmony 700? Any user feedback

8. Is 42 inch TV small for my room length (16 foot)? Should I go for 47 inch?

9. Should I place front speakers angled using wall brackets at 60 deg or just fix them on wall?

10. Where should the side and back surronds be ideally placed?


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You can use cables whatever you want, this doesn't affect warranty. If changing cables, then change both pairs (left-right speakers), no need to change all cables (of course u can), because using speakers like this you can't hear difference...
Logitech 525 has issues - after few years buttons doesn't work anymore - it happens quite often. And bigger series number is better :) 700 is more ergonomical - much more!
If possible, buy 55" TV
If you can turn front speakers, it's better, but works without turning also.
For surround back speakers placement you can find many pictures if using google.

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