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Hi guys,
I need some recommendations on the new set of speakers, we've got a new house reserved and will be moving in 4.5 months.

I currently run the 5.1 system consisting of Tannoy floorstanding speakers , centre and surrounds and big SVS sub, all of this through Anthem MRX-720.

It sounds great but the speakers are not the best looking , also my new living room will be quite a bit smaller than the one I've got now (which is absolutely massive), therefore I'm looking for something with a smaller footprint, more modern looking (possibly in lighter colours , like gloss white etc) and of good quality.

The sub will also need to be changed as there's no way I can accommodate my svs behemoth there.

I'm open to suggestions, I don't have a strict budget in mind, I was thinking up to 2k but it could be less or it could be more .

I've seen some in wall speakers from some reputable brands , how do these compare to the regular speakers ?



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Plenty of options, but one new model comes to mind. Arendal 1961 range on-wall in white with low depth and sealed cabs & keyholes for wall mounting. Pair of monitors, centre and tri-axial surrounds for 2k£. And for smaller room Arendal 1961 1S subwoofer is quite unbeatable for ~720£ (equivalent to SVS SB2000 Pro at 1k£), white finish available!

PS. Let the site load fully before you start browsing. Hope they re-design the sites at some point.



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The Arendal.speakers have great reviews but they dont meet all the OPs requirements..they a bit ugly and not modern looking..


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The Arendal.speakers have great reviews but they dont meet all the OPs requirements..they a bit ugly and not modern looking..

Not sure about that. Sadly there is no pictures on white with the mask on. Sure if he really needs to have gloss white then Apex A10 & A40 combo would be very strong candidate.


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i was only looking at the image on the link.

if they come in gloss white, they'll be a good alternative to the apex.

i cant think of anything similar quality to the apex available in a gloss finish, modern looking/stylish and aren't big or boxes.

Maybe go for small gloss finish bookshelves such as the MA silver 50s and the matching silver 150 centre..


In wall speakers are almost invisible and there are some that are totally invisible.

The problem is getting decent reviews and recommendations. You might be able to have them installed during the build to save a few Bob.

Saves space too.
Sonance, Monitor Audio and KEF ci range all the way up to dali s280 and mk


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I've just finished watching Mad Max with my KEF T105 (with a T301c centre) system with a Denon x2600 and it sounded fantastic! Only got told to turn it down once by the wife too! 😁

We renovated our house last year and after a lot of searching I ended up with the KEF T series and couldn't be happier. They look great next to a wall mounted TV. Easy to upgrade over time too.


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Apologies from being away for some time , thank you all very much for the recommendations.
I'm really inclined to give the in wall speakers a go, hope my avr can sort out any niggles with the ARC should there be any. It'll probably be a bit of blind buy as I can't think of too many places that have them installed as a demo and there's the covid drama on top of that so chances are there won't be any demo

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