Living area 3.1 HT—how far to go?


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Alright—so I’m now at 3.1.2, with the CP-CT380s firing great. The wiring was brutal haha, but I got it done and ran two more long wires for the rears while I was at it. I watched A Quiet Place last night and there were a couple scenes that are just awesome—will be even better once the surrounds are done.

Ok—for rear surrounds that have to be placed on the back (not side) wall, with a couch that’s too close to the back wall to be ideal....would people recommend nice in-wall Monitor Audio speakers like the CP-W380s, or Monitor Audio Silver FX bipole on-wall speakers?

Both will probably be placed 12” or so higher than ear height—not completely ideal but it should help provide a little rear separation, since they’ll be so close to the backs of our head.....


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OK, here’s current state—I’ll spray paint the grilles a flat ceiling white down the road, but they still blend in fairly well now.

I’m leaning towards the in-wall CP-WT380s for the rear surrounds. They will provide a little more space behind the couch and ~5 inches or so more distance from our ears compared to the Silver’s not much, but we only have 18 inches or so from the back wall in any event. I’ve also heard that bipole speakers don’t do well when they’re too close to corners, and the left one would be squeezed into that back corner.

I also discovered that the AppleTV 4K won’t do Atmos streaming unless it’s coded in a particular compressed format. I ripped all my Blu-Rays at maximum size, so PLEX on ATV4K won’t even play half my own Atmos files. So I picked up an Nvidia Shield Pro to play around with it—the user interface isn’t nearly as nice, but it direct-plays Atmos perfectly and the video quality seems a little better as well.


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