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My subs for Xbox live ran out this morning, I bought a prepaid code off the forums a few days ago, went to load up live on thursday and find my network adaptor is FUBAR.:mad: The box has to go back to microsoft for a repair.

MY question is, the xbox will takes weeks to come back, when I get online again will I still be able to reactivate my gamertag which has now lapsed??

I can borrow a friends xbox, can I pop my hard drive on and sort out my subs or will it be based on serials and xbox id's??



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you will automatically go to silver membership but the prepaid card will set you up as a gold member again. Gamer tag & achievements will be ok. All your content arcade d/l etc are locked to your gamertag as well as any game saves. You can put your hd on another 360 & recover your gamertag and you should be fine while you wait for the repair.


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