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I use a macbook and it is very fast, very good on youtube videos, never have to pause or anything.

Now I dont have ESPN and I have found the means to watch live football matches online. Only thing is last monday I couldn't watch it because every 5 seconds it kept on buffering, it would play again for a few seconds then buffer.

Is there any settings I can change or anything I can do to have smooth playback.


My network is quite good, its up to 20mb but I think I only get 8mb. I also get a download rate of 1mb per second late at night. This is very fast, I can wake up with over 20gb downloaded.

I have seen some programs available to speed up streaming but only for windows....:mad:


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I was thinking more in terms of when its stuttering try pinging your provider and see if that's the problem and the site streaming to you. Mine peaks at 1.2M on a 10Mb line but contention and so many other issues come into play.

I really don't believe those ads for apps to speed streaming etc, in all the years of using PCs with things offering to "optimise" connection speed I never once saw any difference at all.

I'm off to O2 next week with any luck...


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Streaming footie games are really hit and miss IMO

I've seen some good ones that only buffer once or twice every tens minutes and others that buffer ever 30 seconds. It's nothing to do with your end 99.9% of the time. You are accessing a feed that maybe hundreds of thousands of others over the globe are also accessing at the same time.
Some of these feeds are coming from peoples home internet connections so you'd be lucky if they have at most a 1MB upload speed.

Even watching ones via BBC web site it can buffer every once in a while. The UK doesn't have the web backbone yet to handle live streaming on this scale (which makes the England game this weekend a farce for being web only!) Just how many will be happy paying £5 and having masses of buffer delays while trying to watch a game?

And, at p.booth - why post your question in another persons thread when it isn't even related to your question?
To answer it anyway - Plex and a cable to connect either the Macbook or the iMac to your TV is the way to go.

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