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Live Rewind and Audio Out


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Hi there, having read your forums for many years without logging on (and finding lots of answers along the way) I have a question I can not seem to find an answer to. Well actually I have two.

1. I can rewind BB1 and other channels...but the HD sport and SKY1 new content (e.g. Simpsons) will not rewind. At first I thought it was my box, so I restarted however the results are the same. Some channels rewind instantly others will not. Is some content just not rewindable?

2. For the world cup, I was hoping to have sound coming out of my stereo system (sadly not HDMI or Optical In). Now as I only have Scart/HDMI/Optical out I can not find a way to have analogue sound coming out of my Sky box. The Yellow/Red/White channels seem to not be active, even if I unplug the HDMI lead. Also I can not get my LG42xx3000 to output sound either, apart from using the headphone socket on a 3.5mm - Analogue cable.

Desperate times...if you need more info to help please ask away.

Yours truly a confused former Virgin (now in cable free area) customer sat with a STUPID sky HD box :)

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