Live Downloads massively slow?


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Not sure what has changed, but on Xbox live downloads I am seeing it taking ages to download any content such as demos and addons, we are talking I have waited over 25 minutes for one of the free COD maps at 65MB and it's only 55% completed. Can't seem to stream game videos without it constantly buffering over and over either. Something appears to have changed since I last used it about a fortnight ago.
I am on BT Infinity 80 meg, nothing else it currently consuming any bandwidth at all, just the 360 and my IPad connected at the moment. I am seeing 8.7MB downloads from my PC when I use that.
NAT is open as I have port forwarding setup.
Connected via CAT5 at 100MB direct to the back of the Homehub.

Has BT started throttling downloads from XBL or something, only other thing I have seen is Apple app store also seems to take a long time to download updates and apps too, it's like I am seeing some sort of traffic shaping to these two services, or it's a restriction down to location, so out of BT control.

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The whole world will be downloading these maps.

It will be a million players , and a bit more.

It could also be a server say in Holland doing the whole of Europe.

Some games get round this by installing the map actually on the disc itself. Then you just need a small download to unlock it


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It seems odd that it also affects the video streaming, was attempting to watch a couple of the Fable videos and it was buffering every few seconds. Same thing with any other download from XBL too.
I can understand MW maps as its massively popular

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The demand on servers is amazing.

I download all my stuff to watch later.

You can switch on the box to auto download & auto switch off


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I guess, but it seemed to be out of order of magnitude in comparison to other times I have downloaded. I got my 3 game pack of Halo, Fable and GOW2 down pretty quickly a month ago.


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I have just bought a new 360 4gig plugged it into the same ethernet cable and BT Home Hub as my PS3 was using previously and now waiting for Trials Evolution to download.Its been nearly an hour and we are at 3%...Never used to take this long on my old 360(Last had one Dec 2011) I can see the dashboard is different and where is "Inside Xbox"?I had noticed the obligatory update when you first switch on took a good 25 minutes a lot longer than I remember.Any ideas???:confused:


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I'm finding it extremely difficult to download anything through xbox live since the update and I have tried to reset my router several times with no change. I have checked my connection and everything seems fine. Trying to download anything takes ages as the download frequently stops and starts. I'm on 100 meg cable conection and the xbox is a wired connection. This problem has in my opinion got worse since the new dashboard. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?
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I am also finding it impossible to do any streaming or downloading via my xbox live.

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