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Jun 8, 2001
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I've recently bought the latest live concert by DIO on DVD. The picture is absolutely awful. It looks as though the gig was recorded on a standard VHS camcorder. Not worthy of DVD at all. The sound is a different story altogether, it is very good.
Ta, Neil.
:thumbsdow :thumbsdow :mad: :mad:
Dio ! :rotfl:

imho it will always sound better when there's no dwarf in the picture ;)

(just kidding - it's just that you've made me feel very old :(
Holy've been down too long in a sea of sin!

A mate of mine in LA often has chats with RJD when he bumps into him at the local video store.

I admit to having the odd Dio album secreted here and there but I haven't listened to it since I was 16!

About the same time I stopped wearing cowboy boots and a bullet belt and got my hair cut ( that last one is getting long again though)

I always think of Dio when I watch Spinal Tap!
Saw him live with Sabbath on the Mob Rules tour in 81, great voice but always reminded me of the guy who played Willow!
Yep and Neil why did they leave off Mob Rules??

Is this the one recoreded in New York with DTS sound?

Oh and just how powerful is the opening to Heaven & Hell.. doesn't get much better than that :)
I remember Dio

Never saw them live but I like RJD voice
He looks a bit like the offspring of Leo Sayer and Wayne Sleep... and then been living rough for a couple of years!

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