live communication - very dissapointing


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So far, as a new x360 owner, i'm a huge advocate of the's brilliant in many respects :thumbsup:

Iv'e been told how good live is but during the free trial period I have found the speech quality using the headset highly dissapointing, in addition, when I play FN3 there is a lobby where you can text chat but the virtual keyboard is so slow to navigate that it impedes its use.

In fairness I can only compare to what I have been used to on PC multiplayer gaming, obviously virtual keyboard is not an issue but for voice communication i use skype conference call and it's crystal clear between players.

Live is a subscription service....... I wonder if MS are going to invest in improving multi-player communication? ..... In the meantime I doubt I will be signing up :(


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Ive not had any problems with voice quality really. To be honest its a case of quality versus bandwidth. Voice takes up a lot. If you want proper "toll" quality voice it takes up 64k/s which is a lot to add on top of what your game is doing already.


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Ditto, i find it very good. If anything the crap headset doesnt help, but its not bad at all.


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I agree a little, yes It dont seem as good as old xbox but this could be down to headset as the 360 one is defo quieter at max.
But not dissapointing.
Note - everyone at somepoint in their live career has experienced some kind of echo or fuzzy speech. but not a lot and certainly not dissapointing.
You may have probs, by any chance do u see lots of lag online? as ive seen virtually none on 360Live (apart from frogger)

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