Little Nightmares II Review & Comments


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I enjoyed the first one, and I’ll pick this up as well at some point as it sounds a good game, but only when it’s cheaper. It’s very short again apparently, around 5 to 6 hours according to some reviews, and £25 for 6 hours doesn’t represent good value for money for me. I can wait a few months.

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I loved the first one, played it when it became available on Game Pass in January.
I'm now really looking forward to this one too, just hope they keep the difficulty level about the same as the first one as that was enjoyable, without getting too frustrating.

Will pick this up after I finish Night in the Woods.


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Developers Tarsier Studios have announced they're done with the Little Nightmares world, and want to move on to new things. Publisher Bandai-Namco, who also own the IP, haven't ruled out continuing the series by themselves with another studio though. That probably means no DLC either for this game, unlike the first one.



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Nice 5.85gb patch just released to upgrade to XS

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