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I've been lurking on this forum for a while and after reading peoples experiences and advise I decided to buy a Vogels EFW6345 bracket for my Pio 436SXE.

Decided to start trying to put it up today and bought some m8 anchor bolts from b&q. I marked everything up on the wall and started drilling but it appears that my cordless hammer drill doesn't like my wall to much! It went through the plaster fine but its struggling against the concrete blocks and starting to slip a bit and I'm concerned its going to go a bit pear shaped!

I don't really want to have to buy another drill and hiring one for 4 holes seems a waste, so just wondered if anyone knew of a person/company that would come and drill the holes for me? I'm based in central London.



I'd be round there in a jiffy, but Oxford to London and a congestion charge makes it impossible, sorry. Happy to keep the post at the top of the list though :)


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To hire a decent drill shouldnt be anymore than £10-15 a day, they might even do it for less if you only need it for an hour. I doubt you would find someone (other than a mate) that would come and do it for that.


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"Domestic" cordless drills are rubbish for drilling large holes in masonry - they don't have the power or speed to work properly.
Buy yourself a really cheap mains hammer drill - you should be able to buy one for less than £20.


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Thanks everyone for your advice/comments.

I live in a new block of flats so most of my neighbours are either reluctant to do stuff their self or just aren't DIY people, so no drill available there!

To be honest, I'm just a little reluctant to do it myself as that one hole has drifted a bit and even with the right drill Im concerned that I will make a hash of it! I would rather just pay someone £20 to do it right!

I've had a look online and found the following drills:

If I decided to continue trying myself, would they do the trick?


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As long as it has a hammer function then you should be fine.

Don't worry about one of the holes drifting a bit. As long as when the bracket is on it is level and secured properly(the great non-scientific test is to hang on it to make sure it doesn't come of the wall!!!!) you'll be fine.

Just think of how much a kitchen cabinet weighs by the time it is filled up with food and plates etc etc and that is only secured by 4 small screws onto the wall.

If you are still really unsure then get in a professional to help you fit the mount.



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I always like to drill the hole slightly smaller than recommended because it's better for it to need enlarging that being too big for the bolt!

Most hammer action drills with a good bit should go through concrete blocks with no problems!

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have you got a Focus DIY store nearby?

If you do eventually decide to buy something, I bought a McKeller (I've never heard of the brand before?) 24v Cordless hammer drill (MCKT11) a while back, and it absolutely rocks! :)

It cost about £60, and will happily put a 25mm hole straight through 9" reinforced floors! :devil:
It makes a complete monkey out of my Makita mains drill, which came as a bit of a nasty suprise!

As baldrick says, buy yourself some decent drill bits too, they make all the difference if you hit trouble.
If you've hit something hard, use a 4mm drill bit first, then open the hole up with the correct size bit afterwards, much easier that way. :)


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I stupidly assummed that buying the following would do everything I needed:

Reluctant to spend to much money on another drill as it takes up space (which is a precious commodity) and my budget is fairly tight. Think I might give the argos one a go and see what happens?!


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adds58 said:
I would rather just pay someone £20 to do it right!

Unless you stand on the pavement and are lucky enough to see someone walking past with a SDS drill under their arm, I don't think anyone is going to do it for 20 quid.

A mains powered hammer drill should do the job - unless your property has unusual concrete, in which case I'm afraid you will need an SDS drill.

If it was me, I'd go and hire a SDS drill (and the right size bit - your existing bits won't fit) for the day. It will definetly work - and you will get a much better hole.

Jewsons Hire for instance charge 15 pounds. You will get a better deal if you got to a local tool hire place though.



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Bracket is up and plasma is on the wall!!

Decided to give it a go myself and bought the £10 drill from Argos. After a bit of effort I got the 4 holes done, bolted the bracket to the wall and it seems secure.

All in all, looks pretty chuffing cool!

Thank you everyone for you advice!


I forgot to say: Well Done! I'm sure you will move on to bigger and greater things, welcome to the Upgrade Club ;)



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I will post pictures when i complete everything but think thats going to be a while off yet.

My next task is to figure out the best way to chase the cables in this wall. My biggest concern is how to do the rears as they are on the same type of wall and getting to them involves going around my balcony door and I didn't really fancy chasing all the way round it!

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