Little Help with new system


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Hi im looking for a bit of advice and was told this is the place to ask so here goes.

i currently have a

Pioneer PD-s705 cd player
Pioneer A-405R amp
Tannoy Mercury M3 Speakers

Now my problem

I love my system and have for years its getting prety old now must be more than 10 years old.
but having just moved out and bought new furniture i can't fit my system anywhere and currently the amp is on its side in a cuboard and cd player back in its box and im using my ps3 as a source witch isnt ideal.

I think its time to change it up for something smaller, the speakers are fine i can keep those but the cd player amp need to be shrunken a little.

I was looking at the denon dm37dab witch is alot smaller but im worried about sound quality compared to my old system witch i paid alot for back in the day.

I havent realy kept up with the HiFi world as much as i used to so any advice would be great



you need to go to a shop and take one home to listen mate else you could end up being turned off music for years. I have seen it happen. Lovely sounding hi fi, amp breaks, buys one without audition based on review, brand etc, sounds ****! doesnt listen or enjoy music for years!! til one day someone lets them listen to theirs and they remember how they once felt about music etc

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