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Little Help needed- Newbie setup and what cables?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Herbal, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Herbal


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    Ok i've just bought a Celestion home cinema kit 305 from superfi, now it came with no cables, i've bought speaker wire, now what bits of cable do i need as the manual does'nt say alot, i need to connect the sub and the dvd/tv to the receiver, i'm gonna try and get it all from superfi so if someone can say from there.

    Has anyone who bought this had problems with they're sub, the first one had a mark on the top, the 2nd was even worse condtion and had 2 marks and broken feet, and now the third one has a very small mark, but not really notictable, but it's taken 4 weeks to sort this out, picking it up, sending out a new one, so it must be costing them a lot in postal costs, so thinking of doing a deal or this one will also get sent back, if i can get £20/£30 worth of cables then i would'nt mind the little mark, and it'll cost them that in sending out another and picking this one up, as they pick this up and then send it after they have had it.

    So if anyone can help me, it'll be appricated

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